June 2nd, 2022

4:00 pm

Room #4


Clifton R. Uckerman, LCSW

Clif was an early advocate and ally for prop 2 legislation, medicinal use of cannabis, and early adopter of medicinal cannabis in mental health and substance use treatment for PTSD in the behavioral health and addiction treatment industry. An original provider and pioneer for the expansion of behavioral health services in the medical cannabis industry and medical cannabis community. He has drawn from existing literature and research related to use of cannabis for PTSD and is using qualitative study and anecdotal research to understand the key benefits of medical cannabis in conjunction with PTSD treatment to improve the quality of service delivery for medical cannabis subscribers with PTSD and to offer medical cannabis as an adjunct or alternative to traditional treatment for patients with mental health and addiction problems. Clif will present key findings, best practice and positive outcomes.

After listening to this expert, individuals will leave able to:

(1) Trace the state and national trends regarding use and policies around marijuana including the projected future trajectories; and,

(2) Outline the research, prevention, and intervention concepts around marijuana for various populations and uses.


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