June 2nd, 2022

1:15 pm

Room #2


Ejay Jack, MPA, LCSW;

Mason S. Turner, MD

While the LGBTQ community is diverse and dynamic, and members of the community require individual approaches to evaluation and treatment for addictive disease, certain common cultural themes exist for much of the community that should be considered in developing the most culturally sensitive and effective treatment approaches. This presentation will focus not only on culturally appropriate language to employ in the evaluation of consumers from the community who are seeking treatment but will also discuss specific cultural approaches that will lead to more effective interventions and enhance the probability that consumers will remain in care. Additionally, the presenters will assist learners in understanding the unique lifelong psychological dynamics for the community that will enhance learners’ ability to engage empathically with the community.

After spending time with this speaker, participants will be able to:

(1) Outline specific ethical, legal, and inclusive considerations which must be addressed when providing services to LGBTQIA+ individuals – from terminology to appropriate services, from physical settings to appropriate discharge and aftercare; and,

(2) Develop an approach to the assessment of substance use disorders in the LGBTQ community that is focused on cultural considerations that may precede or accelerate development of addictive disease, including early exposure to psychological trauma and discrimination as well as familial distress. Also, be able to Include adaptations to treatment plans and environments which address this identified consideration at all levels of intervention.


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